Mezzanine #1:
4th December 2015 – 10th January 2016 acts as a subtle commemoration of the artist’s previous self (Emily Shepherd) and transition to Emily Furneaux. Due to her step father’s unexpected death in December 2013, Furneaux has decided to adopt his name and will sign the deed poll in a closed ceremony at Green Ray during the exhibition.

The installation is a collage of art works made by Emily Shepherd between 2012 and 2015. These past works[1] have been accumulated and reorganised by Emily Furneaux in relation to her anticipation of adopting a new name and moving into a future self. Visitors are invited to browse the work of Emily Shepherd and take a tour of Emily Furneaux’s Facebook account and website via a desktop computer within the gallery. marks the beginnings of Furneaux’s exploration into wider thoughts on Einstein, Alice in Wonderland, currency and time travel.

The 78 Furneaux Islands are situated at the eastern end of Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania, Australia.

Emily hopes to live until she is 78.

Emily Furneaux (previously Shepherd) (b. 1985) is a Glasgow-based artist. Her practice incorporates fiction, narrative, personal experience, and place which she explores with wit and humour through a wide variety of media including paper model-making; film; drawing and installation. She has had solo exhibitions at MK Gallery (2014), WASPS Project Space (2013) and Telfer Gallery (2012), as well as several successful group exhibitions and commissions.

[1] A Billow A Hunch, 2014; Îsle de Sable, 2013, The Point Souvenir Shop, 2014

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