GF#3: Green Ray featuring JK NET + Enea Palmeto


Green Ray is pleased to host the launch of JKNET’s membership experience. Everybody is welcome to get into this immersive episode throughout the evening of January the 16th. For this special occasion Green Ray will serve as a showcase for a set of new artworks, made especially to promote the possibility to register as an exclusive member of the organization. This will be possible for the very first time during the event-exhibition, via A computer will be disposed for the visitors to facilitate the operation. In addition, there will be a delighting catering offered by food designer Enea Palmeto.

JKNET is a Membership Organisation and Cultural Production Label that was founded collaboratively by conceptual artists John Knight and Jarosław Kozłowski.
JKNET’s aim is to elevate art into the next level of consumption, where the art viewer not only becomes a participant within the art production, but a member of the vast community composing the Artwork. An insider so to speak. Gradually, this will have an effect on the broader art-world’s ecology, homogenising its power and value.


Enea Palmeto is a food designer based in Barcelona. She experiments not only with colors, textures and formats but expands her practice to unexpected displays. Her creations and food landscapes delight humans as well as non human creatures.


Documentation courtesy of Christian Lübbert:



ada_2screen shot of video, courtesy of Christian Lübbert

ada_3screen shot of video, courtesy of Christian Lübbert

ada_6screen shot of video, courtesy of Christian Lübbert

12553010_576382559184997_4074176964605635816_nimage courtesy of Enea Palmeto