GF#7: How to.. strategize your practice??

Presented by Frederique Pisuisse
Saturday 9th April

How to.. strategize your practice??

How to.. sell??
How to.. gain visibility??
How to.. make money??
How to.. contextualize your work??

+ An evening in conversation with:

Nora Hansen (b. 1986) How to.. present yourself as a
singer and commodify your projects!!

Robbie Howells (b. 1983) How to.. collaborate with and 
infiltrate the Millwall Football Club!!

Frederique Pisuisse (b. 1986) How to.. use things as an
excuse to collaborate with clowns!!

+ Discussion and Q&A

+ Art on SALE!!

+ A screening of Derek Jarman’s film Wittgenstein
(1993) and popcorn.

About Wittgenstein (1993), 72 minutes:
No backdrops; just people, things, thoughts, and
Philosophical, experimental, theatrical, queer,
With: Karl Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Michael Gough, and
Clancy Chassay