Green Ray is a collaborative curatorial project by Gabriela Acha, Nathalie Boobis and Katy Orkisz that launched in December 2015 at Enclave in Deptford. It will run from that location until 1st June 2016 and play host to a regular programme of public events; reading groups; supper clubs; screenings; and exhibitions. The focus is on opening up an affective space for the unresolved, unacquainted and contradictory to coexist.

Green Ray will operate a collaborative public programme as well as regular one off events, exhibitions and performances by the individual curators.

All one off Green Ray projects or individually authored projects will be catalogued under: ‘Projects’

The public programme is split into the following strands:


‘Window’ is a regular commissioning of new window signs for Green Ray by artists participating in other strands of the programme. It allows for the identity of the space to remain fluid and response to what is happening within.


‘Mezzanine’ is an ongoing programme of exhibitions in which Green Ray curators invite artists to test new work and ideas on the mezzanine level of the gallery. Mezzanine exhibitions operate a slower tempo than what takes place on the ground floor, remaining in place longer and becoming neighbours to a variety of other work and actions during their stay.

‘Ground Floor’

The ground floor plays host to a faster tempo of events, enabling experimental ideas and work to be tested by invited artists, as well as the curators. These Ground Floor strand includes:

Supper Clubs

Green Ray’s programming is generously supported by Goldsmiths Annual Fund



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