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The gallery will be closed on Friday 8th April but open all day Saturday 9th

If you want to see the shows at any other time, email us at to arrange a viewing.


Thursday 7th April : The Future is a Collective Project




Saturday 9th April: Frederique Pisuisse presents: How to.. strategize your practice??


how to strategize your practice


Mezzanine exhibition, Paul Maheke : Green Ray Turns Out To Be Mauve: We’re Human Beings After All and Therefore We’re Messy

Till on 22nd  April



Frederique Pisuisse:  STANDBY Or Everything You Know About Ducks and Other Noumena

The objects Frederique Pisuisse created for this exhibition series that began on the Mezzanine have migrated to the Ground Floor and will be on STANDBY until activated by various events hosted in the space.
Till 16th April
frederique pisuisse


Keep an eye on our Instagram for new residency artists

gr insta res valinia square




GR LOGO Vinyl Window Sticker + Website


*Window & Logo commission by Simone Monsi
Simone Monsi: Binoculars Hands Emoji